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Fundamentals of Leadership Part 1 & 2
Fundamentals of Leadership Part 1 & 2
Course Description:

This course focuses on effective interpersonal and organizational communication. Effective leaders are able to use communication to ensure that individual, team and organizational goals are clearly understood. This is a two-part ten-day course.

Part 1 aims to integrate the contemporary management concepts, skills and tools needed for successful leadership. It does this by helping develop skills to be effective guides and resources for teams. It reinforces learning and promotes the transfer of skills into the workplace through the use of action plans, accountability reporting, case studies, and the completion of knowledge-based assessments. Completion of Part 1 is not a prerequisite to Part 2, however completion of both parts is required to obtain the Program Certificate.

Part 2 is focused on leadership skills and building a performance culture. Participants work on alternate problem solving skills, while learning the subtle nuances of employing and developing emotional intelligence. Attend this course you have taken on a supervisory role and would like a better grasp of what is expected of you as a leader.

Course Topics:
  • Examine the process of interpersonal communication and its influences
  • Communication Essentials
  • Feedback and Listening Skills
  • The DYNAMIX® of Communication
  • Team Effectiveness Alternative problem solving skills
  • Problem Solving through Appreciative Inquiry
  • Changing Perspectives