Bylaw Officer - Operations

This course was designed to provide Nunavut's Peace Officers and/or Municipal Enforcement Officers the opportunity to receive theory and hands-on training to ensure confidence in the required skills and knowledge to carry out their roles and responsibilities in the safest, effective manner.  Specfically, this course will involve:

  1. ¨ Firearms/Shotgun Training
  2. ¨ Safe and Effective Animal Control
  3. ¨ Dispute and Conflict Resolution
  4. ¨ Safest Traffic Stop Procedures
  5. ¨ Bylaw Officer Safety
  6. ¨ Bylaw Officer Legal Rights and Responsibilities

Participants should already be employed as a Peace Officer, or Municipal Enforcement Officer/Bylaw Officer.  Applicants who have been hired by their hamlet and will carry out these duties as a secondary responsibility will also be considered.


No classes currently scheduled for this course