Aircraft Underwater Egress

Aircraft Underwater Egress training by Arctic Response prepares aircrews and passengers of small fixed wings and helicopters for in-flight emergencies over water.  This training includes:

Flights over water safety policy and best practices

Pre-flight preparation

Knowledge of probable crash trauma and injuries

Effects of cold water on air crash survivors

National air search and rescue plans and limitations

Practical rehearsal of underwater aircraft egress techniques for both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft

Students will learn and practice egress skills in a pool environment, so suitable swimwear is required for this training. Scenarios are designed to build confidence and progress in difficulty as the students comfort level increases.

This training is comprised of: Approximately 3 hours theory training and 3 hours practical in-pool training.


December 2 AM: Theory section

December 2 PM : Practical session with group 1

December 3 AM : Practical session with group 2       

Location: Iqaluit

No classes currently scheduled for this course