Municipal Solid Waste Management - Phase 1

  1. Landfill Basics: natural attenuation landfills, leachate/surface water monitoring; equipment safety, care & maintenance; operational limitations; litter control; waste screening; cell construction & compaction; gate operations; monitoring
  2. Operations: determine if your landfill is really efficient; understand the best landfill management practices; tools that will help maximize your landfill’s capacity; cost control
  3. Health & Safety: what should landfill employees know; basics essential to employee and user safety; general landfill health and safety issues; issues related to specific landfill activities; regulatory issues
  4. Waste Reduction & Diversion Strategies: moving to integrated solid waste management; techniques to manage what you are generating; effective community based reduction strategies; operations “on a shoe string” budget
  5. Legislation & Standards: overview of federal and territory standards and legislation
  6. Monitoring requirements from the Water License

Communities with an experienced staff and/or staff who have taken the MTO’s Municipal Hazardous Waste Management or  Waste, Wastewater & Solid Waste Manaagment courses can still participate in this training.

No classes currently scheduled for this course