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Fire Investigator
Fire Investigator
Course Description:

This is a six-day course on the using theory and practical training regarding fire and explosion investigations. This course is designed to cover investigative competencies involved with fire investigations. These include, scientific method, origin and cause, scene documentation, scene safety, chemistry of fire, building construction, and scene reconstructions. In addition, this course provides in-depth instruction in aspects of assessing and investigating fire scenes relevant to fire protection service.

Course Topics:
  • The legal requirements to conduct a scene examination in Nunavut
  • Basic principles of combustion
  • The scientific method
  • Fire pattern analysis
  • Processes for the collection physical evidence
  • Origin determination
  • Fire cause determination
  • Explosion investigations
  • Vehicle fire investigations
  • Critical injury and fatal fires

The theory learned in class will be implemented and applied by each participant during the practical phase of the program. In this portion of the training student will attend a fire scenario, document and examine, sift, reconstruct, determine the cause of the fire for the assigned scenario and present the case to their peers. 

  • Fire Department Senior Officer
  • Nunavut Level 1 and 2 firefighters
  • Must be an active member of a fire department or RCMP member