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Managing Multiple Priorities
Managing Multiple Priorities
Course Description:

In this one-day workshop you’ll learn how to best organize your priorities and work towards achieving your goals and objectives. As an office professional you are confronted and pulled by a multitude of demands throughout the day. There are unexpected interruptions from colleagues, telephone calls, emails and urgent requests from clients, meeting assignments, and new project tasks to juggle. Conquer the stress associated with handling multiple tasks and deadlines by adopting portable techniques for managing your time and schedule. You’ll achieve maximum productivity and put the “sanity” back into your day. 

Course Topics:
  • Establishing your priorities: identifying and working towards goals and objectives, understanding the cycle of productivity
  • Using smart goals to increase your productivity: setting up a to do list that works for you, build action plans to help achieve your goals and objectives
  • Managing your workload: using the time matrix model to plan, schedule and implement your action items, planning the important tasks to work proactively
  • Managing yourself: identifying time wasters, identifying/understanding the six styles of procrastination, pitching positive work habits
  • The science of productivity: five simple steps that apply order to chaos
  • Planning for success and staying on track: tracking is a powerful tool for increasing how much you move each day, importance of using the calendar