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Lands Administration 2
Lands Administration 2
Course Description:

The focus of this online course will be a continuation from Land Administration 1. Participants will learn about planning and developing new lots, land pricing, land revenue invoicing and collection, property taxation and assessment, negotiating and enforcing land contracts, quarry administration and management, land use permits and environmental issues.

Course Topics:
  • Learn the linkage between a community plan, a capital plan, and the process of lands development
  • Determining land prices by considering: development or replacement costs, market value, and assessment value
  • Calculating annual lease payments for standard leases and equity leases
  • Explain and demonstrate the application of administrative fees to lands management transactions
  • Describe general principles that promote effective control and management of lease enforcement
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of the municipality for the environmental protection and management of lands
  • Comprehend the mandate and responsibilities of the Government of Nunavut Department of the Environment as they relate to lands within municipalities
  • Understanding the purpose of the Land Use Permit (LUP), the steps to obtaining one and the measures for monitoring and enforcing the terms of the LUP
  • Interpret the scope and use of property taxation in Nunavut