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Introduction to Planning and Lands
Introduction to Planning and Lands
Course Description:

This online introductory course explores the basics of community planning and land administration in Nunavut. The course will provide an overview of the role of the Planning and Lands Administrator (PLA). Students will learn how the PLA uses the community plan and zoning bylaw, processes land applications, executes documents, and performs the procedures required to lease and acquire land within municipal boundaries.

Course Topics
  • Explain the purpose of community planning
  • Explain why people should make an application for land
  • Identify key sections of municipal legislation (Cities, Towns and Villages Act & Hamlets Act) that govern land administration and community planning
  • Describe four Government of Nunavut (GN) land policies and how they affect land matters in your community
  • Describe the role and responsibilities of the PLA
  • Understand the basic roles and responsibilities of the municipality, GN, Government of Canada and the co-management boards created under the NLCA
  • Explain the difference between Acts and Regulations
  • List which bylaws require GN approval
  • Describe the purpose of the Territorial Lands Act and the Commissioners Land Act
  • Describe the purpose and intent of the NLCA
  • Identify key sections of Article 14 affecting the authorities of Municipal Council
  • Understand the definition of municipal lands in the NLCA and the powers of municipalities and the GN with respect to the lands within municipal boundaries
  • Explain the history of Crown Land and property law in Canada
  • Explain the differences between freehold title and leasehold title
  • Explain the term land administration
  • Discuss the different types of land within communities in Nunavut
  • Describe how the NLCA affects municipal authority over land ownership
  • Understand the key duties of the municipality with respect to community planning
  • Describe the role and responsibilities of the Municipal Council