Economic Development Officer


This course in Entrepreneurship is designed to provide participants with an overall understanding, knowledge and skill required of entrepreneurs in the development and operation of a small business. The preparation of a business plan is an integral part of this course.

This course reviews the mathematical concepts required to solve business problems.  Topics include: arithmetic (signed numbers, fractions and percent), algebra (operations, exponents, order of operations, factoring and linear equations), ratios (ratio and proportion and percent) and basic financial statement analysis.

This is an overview of contemporary community development approaches and activities. The community-based planning and development model and the process of researching and compiling a community profile will be introduced.

This course introduces the historic and present factors affecting northern economic development, including traditional trading patterns, fur trade, government policies and resource development. Several case studies in northern economic development will be examined. The Development Wheel method of community economic development will be presented.

Participants are introduced to marketing, especially target marketing, product planning, market segmentation, pricing/promotional strategies, and methods of planning/implementing and controlling marketing activities. Case studies and a market simulation will reinforce the concepts presented.