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Stress, Decision Making and Managing Priorities
Stress, Decision Making and Managing Priorities
Course Description:

In this one-day course participants will coverer these topics:

  • Stress: With this course you will learn skills to identify your stressors, and your typical response to stressful situations. As well you will be able to practice different healthy responses that make you more resilient and able to be your best in stressful situations.
  • Conflict: When conflict does occur this course will help build skills to defuse the situation, respond professional to conflict and seek solutions that work for everyone.
  • Managing Priorities: You can do anything; you can’t do everything. Having too many priorities is as challenging as having no priorities – everything is equally important. Knowing what must be done first and what follows frees you from trying to do everything. There are even some things that don’t need to be done at all, or at least not by you.