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Lands Administration 1
Lands Administration 1
Course Description:

The focus of this online course will be on the acquisition and disposal of municipal land. This course will provide participants with an understanding of how to prepare land administration contracts and how to dispose of municipal lands. 

Course Topics:
  • Describe rules for document execution
  • Describe purpose of land administration by-law
  • Describe the procedures for adoption and amendments to land administration by-laws
  • Describe the four different ways a municipality can dispose of land
  • Describe when and how public notices should be prepared for land disposal
  • Explain the differences between a standard land lease and an equity lease
  • Describe the approval and signing process of a lease contract
  • Describe the process to amend and surrender a lease
  • Describe the process of registering a document at the Land Titles Office
  • Prepare an inspection report
  • Use the provisions of land administration by-law to draft appropriate land contracts including leases, lease transfers and lease surrenders
  • Understand the role of the Government of Nunavut Municipal Land Administration Policy general principles with respect to municipal land management
  • Explain the steps to acquire land for municipalities
  • Prepare land acquisition by-laws
  • Prepare a land disposal bylaw 
  • Assist leases sign, and execute lease and other land documents 
  • Prepare a basic land lease