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Accounting Program
Accounting Program

The objective of this project is to provide the knowledge and skills needed to embark on or further develop a career in bookkeeping/accounting. At the end of the program the participants who successfully pass will have a college certificate in Accounting.


Through applied exercises and assignments using accounting and office productivity software, students develop a foundation in financial accounting, management accounting, taxation and compliance filings, accounting software, and spreadsheet applications.

First Course Start Date: February 6th – 10th, 2023 

Phase 1 – FOUNDATION Program – in person

Phase 2 – ACCOUNTING LEVEL 1 – remote learning

Phase 3 – ACCOUNTING LEVEL 2 – remote learning


It is anticipated that the Accounting Certificate Program (ACP) will be delivered over a 2-year period starting in 2022/2023 and ending in 2023/2024. The program consists of 3 pre-courses and 13 credited courses.  The pre-courses will be delivered in-person when the credited coursed will be delivered online.