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Art of Management Part 1 and 2
Art of Management Part 1 and 2
Course Description:

Good supervisors, managers, or team leaders are essential to the success of any organization. In many workplaces, people often find themselves elevated to positions of authority with little or no training. This customized workshop introduces the critical skills necessary to be an effective leader and supervisor. Participants will learn proven, time-tested techniques in developing their supervisory style and experience the hands-on skills necessary to lead others on a day-to-day basis.

  • Management: Roles/Functions/Stressors
  • Managing Differences: Understanding Yourself and Others
  • Coaching
  • Tips for Presenting + Managing Multiple Priorities
  • Delegation: The power of letting Go
  • Setting a Positive Communication Climate


  • Providing Feedback & Conflict Resolution
  • Influence in the Workplace
  • Teambuilding and Motivation
  • Dealing with Difficult People