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august 19 - 28, 2023
Firefighter Level 2
Location :
Rankin Inlet
Description :

This Ten-day course is designed to further develop skills in fire safety and firefighting in your community, building on what was learned in Firefighter Level 1. It is designed to continue to build the skills necessary to perform more advanced functions of a fire fighter. This includes suppression technology/tactics, and specialized firefighting abilities.

Course Topics:

By the end of this course students should be able to assume command within an incident management system and communicate effectively using both (department communications systems and incident reporting systems).

Firefighters will also learn more advanced fire ground operations necessary to ensure life safety, fire control, and property conservation by performing rescue, helping specialized rescue teams, and reducing the loss of life and property due to fire through hazard identification, response readiness, and prevention.

  • Completion on Firefighter Level 1
  • Active member of hamlet fire department
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