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may 04 - 20, 2022
*** REGISTRATION CLOSED *** Class 7 & 5 Driver Training- Cambridge Bay
Location :
Cambridge Bay
Description :

Class 7 Driver Training: 

The Class 7 course will be in class training that will run for 5 days. This course is a prerequisite to obtain the Class 5. Topics covered include knowledge of the rules of the road and safety while operating a motor vehicle, understanding the basic standards for a vehicle and its components, learn safe driving practices and recognition of circulation signs, colors, and shapes.

Class 5 Driving lesson:

The training days will be divided 2-3 hour sessions of driving lesson with an experienced instructor. Each student will receive a minimum of 5 hours of one-on-one lessons. Students will learn the fundamentals skills of driving. They will be assigned specific times to attend training. The methodology and driving techniques will be adapted to the skills of the students.

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