Participant Travel Reimbursement Program

The MTO will reimburse your municipality for any approved participant traveling outside of their community for a MTO course. In order to be eligible for reimbursement, the participant must attend a minimum of 80% of the duration of the course.


Eligible expenses

Please provide backup documents for all expenses. 


This includes air travel and taxi fares from and to the airport. A copy of the airline electronic ticket is required as backup.



The MTO will only reimburse the nightly rate. Any additional services such as room service and long distance calls will not be eligible. The hotel invoice is required as backup. 


Per Diem

Rates (effective April 1, 2016) for meals and incidental expenses allowance: 

The necessary backup for per diem can be a copy of the cheque, per diem requisition or journal entry.


Training Allowance

Training Allowance ($75 per day) needs to be approved by MTO Staff. Your municipality will receive an email with all the details related to the training allowance. Typically it is only for Firefighter and Ground Search and Rescue training courses. A copy ot the email sent to you from the MTO will suffice as back. 



The MTO and municipalities are different types of entities with the Canada Revenue  Agency. The MTO only receives 50% of the GST back from CRA while municipalities receive 100% of the GST paid.  Therefore, the MTO would prefer that you do not include the GST that was paid by your municipality on invoices to the MTO.  It is best that municipalities claim this GST for themselves from CRA.


Municipal Reimbursment Form

Please download the form below.