The Municipal Training Organization was incorporated as a Society in 2003 and has established Bylaws and rules of order.

Establishing a Municipal Bylaw

Municipal Council establishes policy and the hamlet administration implements it.  Council must enact policy by bylaw when required by legislation. 

The establishment of a Bylaw is a formal process with specific procedures by which it must be adopted by Council:

  • Must have three distinct readings by resolution
  • Must be in writing before first reading is given
  • May require the approval of the electors of the community
  • May require the approval of the minister of CGS or another department

Nunavut Municipal Bylaws

Municipal Service Rates, By-Law 72 (Clyde River) - 23KB - 22/10/2008
All Terrain Vehicles Amendment, By-Law 88 (Cambridge Bay) - 21KB - 29/11/2007
... Territories to amend Bylaws 18 and 43 of the Hamlet of Cambridge Bay pursuant to ...
Environmental Safety, By-Law 123 (Igloolik) - 175KB - 12/07/2004
... Igloolik, Nunavut to enact bylaws for the safety, health and welfare of people and the protection of people and property, pursuant to the Hamlets Act, R. S.N W T 1988, c. H-1 as amended by s. Nu 2003, c...
Loader Lease Acquisition, By-Law 146 (Qikiqtarjuaq) - 340KB - 18/06/2004
Animal Control, By-Law 82 (Cambridge Bay) - 51KB - 29/11/2007